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Last updated 19/03/2021

Who we are

Litten is a non-profit open-source project. It is kept alive by the love, effort and dedication of the team behind it. We're constantly looking forward to grow our family. And, of course, we love animals.

At the moment, we all work pro bono. We're not looking into making a profit and may have to rely on donations from our users and patrons in the future.

If you're still with us, please find the vacancies we're currently looking to fill. Nonetheless, feel free to contact us if you don't meet the requirements but still want to help!

What we offer

As a team members of Litten you join the family immediately and without bureaucracy.

There are no extensive interviews, just be yourself, kind and bring your talents!

We care not for your academic background, we only want you to be motivated into improving our society and contributing to a better relationship between humans and animals.

We're young and full of energy and always eager to learn and improve with one another.

We're open to whichever technology you feel more comfortable working with.

Work whenever and wherever you feel like to! Our pipeline is very flexible.

Choose your own job title! Jedi Knight is acceptable.

The unique opportunity to join a tech project right from the start and help to shape its future.

Endless kitten photos!

How to apply

Just contact us directly!

Open positions


We need translators! If you speak any language at all, you're probably the right choice.


  • Native speaker
  • Knowledge of or willing to learn version control systems (e.g., git)
  • Knowledge of or willing to learn data formats (e.g., JSON)
  • Knowledge of or willing to learn development practices (e.g., continuous integration)


  • Curate the existing content, if any
  • Help create and maintain new and future content

We need a legal advisor to maintain our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service as well as ensure our services comply with all the legal requirements in the jurisdictions in which we operate and offer our services.


  • Knowledge of or willing to learn International Law including data protection regulations (e.g., GDPR)
  • Knowledge of or willing to learn Portuguese Law
  • Knowledge of or willing to learn European Law
  • Knowledge of or willing to learn U.S. Law


  • Curate the existing Privacy Policy
  • Curate the existing Terms of Service
  • Help create and mantain future legal documents

Marketing Advisor

We need a marketing advisor to lead our marketing campaigns, own our marketing materials and analyse marketing data.


  • Knowledge of or willing to learn Marketing
  • Knowledge of or willing to learn Data Analysis


  • Create marketing materials and campaigns
  • Study marketing data and provide useful insights based on it

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