Create a new Litten

Last updated 14/03/2021

What is a Litten?

Litten is what we call our furry friends within the app. You can adopt a litten, breed a litten, and post or search for a missing litten.

What do I need to create a new litten?

You need a verified email address. We enforce this in order to prevent "bots" and "spammers" from creating false littens. This helps to maintain a level of quality littens within our community.

You also need to provide some relevant information about your new litten:

  1. At least, one photo
  2. Name
  3. Species (e.g., Cat)
  4. Type (e.g., Adopt)
  5. Story, some background information or a funny moment you shared together
  6. Location

Where can I create a new litten?

You can do it from the New litten screen. To go there, simply press the + button on the bottom navigation bar.

New Litten
New litten Screen

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